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Galerie Johanssen

Galerie Johanssen Berlin Ausstellungen
Galerie Johanssen Berlin Ausstellungen

Am Krögel 2
10179 Berlin
Tel.: 030 48 49 19 29


Mi-Fr 12.00-18.30 UhrMi-Fr 12.00-18.30 Uhr

Jud Bergeron

05.09.2014 - 23.11.2014

For his first solo exhibition in Berlin Jud Bergeron trades off between the autobiographical and the abstract in his sculptural works. Bergeron's works will be occupying 2 rooms of the Johanssen Gallery. Each room will exhibit a fully realized body of work.
In 'Becoming' Bergeron explores the multi-faceted experience of becoming a father. These works address the various stages and emotions involved in this transition, ranging from confusion to euphoria. While based in autobiography, these works transcend and become part of the common fabric that every person can relate to.
In 'Paper, Plaster, Bronze' Bergeron is exploring how we see materials. Each work in this exhibition was originally created in paper. Through a number of meticulous processes including rubber molds and lost wax bronze casting the same object is realized into 3 different materials. By going through these processes Bergeron is evoking alchemy and asking the viewer to consider what they are looking at and how their perception of each object changes given the materials they are made from.
Jud Bergeron is a sculptor residing in San Francisco, California, his sculpture has been exhibited through out North America with a focus on New York and San Francisco. Bergeron works in a myriad of styles and materials but gravitates toward permanent materials including Steel, Bronze, ceramics and iron.