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Rockelmann &

Schönleinstraße 5
10967 Berlin
Tel.: 0178 523 08 33


Leslie Thornton: Reappear
29.05.2016 - 16.07.2016
ROCKELMANN & Winkleman Gallery, New York, are proud to present REAPPEAR, a solo exhibition by Leslie Thornton. Widely recognized as an innovative and highly influential filmmaker, Leslie Thornton is perhaps best known for her epic, 25-year serial work Peggy and Fred in Hell, which follows its title characters who, in Thornton's words, are "raised by television" and live in a &... weiter
Kai Franz: The Particles fell Silent
29.01.2016 - 05.03.2016
ROCKELMANN& is proud to present ‘THE PARTICLES FELL SILENT’, an introduction to the practice of U.S.-based artist Kai Franz. It is the artist’s first solo presentation in Berlin. Conceptually, Franz’s work questions notions of authorship and subjectivity. In the making of his work, the artist sets up systems and builds machines that translate digital drawings and inf... weiter
11.12.2015 - 23.01.2016
Florian Japp: Objekt 096
02.10.2015 - 05.12.2015
ROCKELMANN& is proud to present ‘Objekt 096’, Florian Japp’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. The exhibition space is consumed by a large-scale installation made up of multicolored brackets and links that crisscross and dictate the path you walk – mirroring the systems of control found in roads networks and airports. The gallery space is condensed to a game of l... weiter
Randi Renate: Ein eigener Raum
24.07.2015 - 20.09.2015
ROCKELMANN& is pleased to present artist Randi Renate for the first installment of the Summer Break Project at gallery ROCKELMANN&. The 2015 Summer Break project is a two month long curatorial & artist residency program designed to provide young art professionals with the physical space of ROCKELMANN&, as well as the technical and creative support during the exhibition productio... weiter
Fred Fleisher: The museum of the end of the world
01.05.2015 - 27.06.2015
ROCKELMANN& is pleased to present Museum of the End of the World, a painting and new media installation by artist Fred Fleisher and curated by Tommy Mishima. This installation features Fleisher’s characteristic language of ever­changing popular cultural elements infused with the artist’s own ideological and spiritual permanence. The theme revolves around the idea of how trai... weiter
Sebastian Biskup: NEW VIDEO WORK
13.03.2015 - 25.04.2015
The exhibition, a screening of a single channel video piece by Biskup, is a continuation of his exploration into the basic structure and composition of our cultural products, and how this visual language influences the way in which such creations are interpreted and digested. Taking preexisting works of social and cultural artifacts—ranging from "high art" classical painting to ... weiter
Potential in the ordinary
23.01.2015 - 19.02.2015
Andy Warhol once said you need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you. 'Potential in the Ordinary' is a collection of works where the central element has been taken from our everyday world. Giving these features, whether it be the dust in the room, sounds travelling across open water, or how we see our food, a primary role in the work forces the spec... weiter
Complex Relationships - Jens Heller & Megan Stroech
21.11.2014 - 17.01.2015
ROCKELMANN& is pleased to present ‘Complex Relationships’, a duo exhibition showing the abstract relationship between the works of Jens Heller and Megan Stroech. The work of Jens Heller’s photo-realistic paintings obviously contrast Megan Stroech’s textured arrangements. One is restricted to the flat, framed surface of the canvas mounted classically on the wall. It... weiter
Klaus Pichler: Just the two of us
10.10.2014 - 15.11.2014
ROCKELMANN& is excited to present the first solo show in the gallery of Klaus Pichler, "Just the two of us". Pichler's work is interested in the hidden aspects of everyday life, as well as social groups with their own codes and rules. For this photo series he visited owners of elaborate costumes in their own homes. Dressing up is a way of creating an alter ego, and "Just ... weiter
Dialog on Sight – Yasmin Alt & Sebastian Biskup
18.04.2014 - 21.06.2014
ROCKELMANN& freut sich, Ihnen die Ausstellung “Dialog on Sight – Yasmin Alt & Sebastian Biskup ”, kuratiert von Michaela Richter, zu präsentieren . Die Ausstellung zeigt eine Auswahl der Arbeiten von Sebastian Biskup und Yasmin Alt. Beide Künstler vereint das Interesse daran, wie Struktur - Elemente bestimmte Wahrnehmungsräume prägen, wie deren Eige... weiter
Sets, Structures, Relations. Referring to architectural non-places
07.02.2014 - 29.03.2014
Marnie Bettridge and Kathleen Vance
25.10.2013 - 20.12.2013
The show challenges you to abandon your isolation and reconnect with the environment on a unique conceptual level. Both artists will be present to further enrich the theme and presentation. weiter
Grand Opening
06.09.2013 - 19.10.2013
21.06.2013 - 27.07.2013
ROCKELMANN& lädt herzlich zu der ersten Vorstellung des Künstlerprogramms der Galerie sowie den neuen Räumlichkeiten in der Schönleinstr. 5, Berlin – Kreuzberg, ein. Hinter Introduction stehen neun internationale Künstler und die Galeristin Alexandra Rockelmann, die sich mit dem Konzept der Galerie dem Berliner Publikum erstmals präsentiert. Während ... weiter