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DNA Galerie Berlin Ausstellungen
DNA Galerie Berlin Ausstellungen

Auguststr. 20
10117 Berlin
Tel.: 030 28 59 96 52


Di-Sa 11.00-18.00 UhrDi-Sa 11.00-18.00 Uhr


27.11.2015 - 27.01.2016
The exhibition Evidence is to understand those images in their own pictorial dignity, which can be described by a reflection from Paul Valéry on the specific abilities of images. He writes, "An image is more than an image and sometimes shows more than the object of which it is an image." But, most of all, this exhibition aims to bring a range of artistic approaches and rethinki... weiter
Solid and Soft
18.06.2015 - 18.07.2015
SHOOT - About performance
30.04.2015 - 12.06.2015
SHOOT appears as a pure condensation of violence. But according to Chris Burden who was shot in the arm by a rifle, “the violence part was not that important”. The performer conducts a mental experience through his body that turns into a sculpture. An obsolete meaning of “shoot” is to crystallise. Between permanence and impermanence, the art of performance is always para... weiter
Ulrich Sacker: Was ist denn das schon wieder?
15.04.2015 - 18.04.2015
"To put it in a nutshell: here I stand, and can't do otherwise, my paintings in my hands, which all want to express but one thing: to tell a story about what life can grant or refuse at the same time." Ulrich Sacker, April 2015 Ulrich Sacker has been working with the Goethe-Institut for over 30 years. He started out as Germany´s ambassador for Rock Music (Techno, Deutsche ... weiter
Making Border - Afterimages and Projections
13.02.2015 - 31.03.2015
Borders are ubiquitous. Their instrumentality and regulatory forces are embedded in our daily lives. Embedded in the expansive and dispersed trajectories of border manifestations, there exist multiple representations thus multivalent understanding of borders. However, one fundamental idea that could weave these drastically different manifestations of borders is their relationship to time. Makin... weiter
Forever II
17.09.2014 - 19.10.2014
Topological Constellation - Art and Architecture I
02.05.2014 - 30.06.2014
The first part of the DNA curated group exhibition series Topological Constellation // Art and Architecture I opens on the 2nd of May at DNA, combining experimental architecture, photography and art installations. The exhibition will run from the 2nd of May until the 30th of June and will investigate the developing trends of this contemporary avant-garde culture that expands worldwide, with exa... weiter
22.03.2014 - 19.04.2014
Supershows XXS (+)
07.02.2014 - 09.03.2014
SUPERSHOW XXS (+), curated by Kathy Rae Huffman and Charlotte Eifler, will take place at DNA from 7 February until 9 March 2014. It will give an insightful look at the concepts presented at the initial exhibition, THE SUPERSHOW. This reconsidered version for DNA looks beyond its predecessor to examine some of the main aspects of mass media influence on the public’s consciousness through n... weiter
Mike Steiner
17.09.2013 - 14.12.2013
In this exhibition, DNA re - introduces the artist Mike Steiner by keeping the focus on his work as an experimental documentor of performance art , such as Valie Export, Joan Jonas, Marina Abramovich and Ulay. Steiner has been recognized by the unique bridge he built between video and painting. He invented the Berlin video scene in the 70?s and brought together numerous national and internation... weiter
Mariana Vassileva: Food & break
24.04.2013 - 31.08.2013
DNA Berlin is pleased to present a major survey of recent and new works by Bulgarian artist Mariana Vassileva. Based in Berlin since 1991 she works across a number of medium including drawing painting sculpting photography and digital media. For this exhibition Mariana Vassileva has created works that deal with different aspects of everyday life. Her observational works often reflect on idyll... weiter
SEE New Perspectives: from Balkan Photographers
21.02.2013 - 21.03.2013
Typisch Balkan? Junge Fotojournalisten aus Südosteuropa blicken in zwanzig Fotoreportagen auf ihre Heimatregion: Sie erzählen die Geschichte einer Goldmine in Rumänien, porträtieren junge Homosexuelle aus Mazedonien und begleiten serbische Junggesellen auf der Suche nach einer Frau. Petrut Calinescu dokumentiert die zwei Welten der sogenannten ?strawberry pickers?. In Frankr... weiter
Res(v)olution. Temporary Screening
15.01.2013 - 15.02.2013
Laura Kikauka: Strength Thru Embarrassment
15.09.2012 - 16.12.2012
Gary Hill
28.04.2012 - 30.06.2012
Catastrophes and Incidences - Group Show
05.02.2012 - 15.04.2012
Mariana Vassileva
25.11.2011 - 15.01.2012
Drawing in relation
26.08.2011 - 16.10.2011
Tatsumi Orimoto: New Works
10.06.2011 - 13.08.2011
Group Show: Alles wandelt sich
30.01.2011 - 31.03.2011
Tatsumi Orimoto
28.10.2010 - 19.12.2010
Als „Bread Man“ verkleidet durchstreift Tatsumi Orimoto urbane Räume und versucht so in Kommunikation mit der kontaktscheuen Stadtbevölkerung zu kommen und die Anonymität in den Metropolen der Gegenwart aufzubrechen. Brot ist das zentrale Element seiner Arbeiten, die sich grundlegend mit dem Thema Kommunikation und Interaktion auseinandersetzen. Denn Brot ruft vielfache Assoziationen auf: als... weiter
Nezaket Ekici: Zitate
04.09.2010 - 16.10.2010
Is everything already said? Are we only able to quote from now on? Isn't it the aim of art to dare the New? It doesn't really matter if everything is already done and if it is impossible to create something completely new. The more important is that the "New" should make us feel astonished. And by the the way, it is all about the individual point of view: New is that and can be considered as that... weiter
Clemens Krauss: Ein Alltag
11.06.2010 - 07.08.2010
To what extent can human individuals be represented as socially interacting entities, as “bodies” in society and politics? Clemens Krauss investigates this question in his multi-media works and he often chooses the most difficult approach: He adopts an autobiographical perspective. In this exhibition, he focuses on different body concepts, which conceive of the body as a site of political conf... weiter
Oliver Beer u.a.: Reflection
09.02.2010 - 14.03.2010
mit: Oliver Beer Kyungwoo Chun Christine Davis Boris Dornbusch Nezaket Ekici Fabien Giraud & Raphael Siboni Shaun Gladwell Clemens Krauss Sabrina Muller Tatsumi Orimoto Mariana Vassilevaweiter
Tatsumi Orimoto: Drawings
31.10.2009 - 05.01.2010
Mariana Vassileva: Just a Play
22.09.2009 - 31.10.2009
With the mirror light you can move inside human buildings. Some buildings have no windows, others are completely made of glass and still others have the shutters closed. Some are solidly built, others are temporary, like tents“. Vassilevas Arbeiten basieren auf der Beobachtung der Alltäglichkeit. Ähnlich wie der Blick eines Voyeurs oder eines Ethnologen, beobachtet die Künstlerin Menschen und... weiter
Expanded Drawing
11.07.2009 - 06.09.2009
teilnehmende Künstler: Luis Amavisca Diann Bauer Marta Blasco Jacobo Castellano Mònica Fuster Fernando Gutiérrez Paloma Navares Elena Rendeiro Amparo Sard Mariana Vassilevaweiter
Takafumi Hara´s Pocket Books. Signs of My Memory
23.05.2009 - 30.06.2009
Diann Bauer
28.02.2009 - 03.05.2009
Bianca Regl: The haven
17.01.2009 - 15.02.2009
Tatsumi Orimoto: "Punishment"
29.10.2008 - 20.12.2008
Laura Kikauka: For the Love of Gaud
12.09.2008 - 26.10.2008
With “For the Love of Gaud” (Damien’s Worst) a new series of sculptural works by Laura Kikauka debuts at gallery DNA. The new series mimics the recent piece “For the Love of God” by Damien Hirst – the human skull encrusted with diamonds, “the most expensive contemporary artwork.” Kikauka’s version takes on skulls of all forms, modified and encrusted with costume jewelry: gothic stoner pie... weiter
Nezaket Ekici: Memories of Objects
28.06.2008 - 09.08.2008
Mariana Vassileva - new works
05.04.2008 - 24.05.2008
Feria México Arte Contemporáneo
24.04.2008 - 27.04.2008
MAIKE FREESS . der tag hat keine schatten | ALI SMITH . Recent Paintings
15.12.2007 - 19.01.2008
Die in Berlin arbeitende Künstlerin Maike Freess wird aktuelle Zeichnungen, photographische und Video-Arbeiten zeigen. Ali Smith aus Long Beach, USA wird mit neuen Arbeiten in Öl auf Leinwand vertreten sein. Die multimedialen Arbeiten von Maike Freess umkreisen die menschliche Figur und die Facetten ihres Wesens und Handelns. In teils zärtlicher, teils parodistischer Weise portraitiert... weiter
29.09.2007 - 17.11.2007
Trailer entstehen meist lange vor der eigentlichen Filmproduktion und enthalten mithin Szenen, die später keine Berücksichtung finden. So können, aber müssen nicht Waldachs aktuelle Zeichnungen Teile einer späteren Filmcollage mit Zeichentrickfilmelementen sein. Der Plot dreht sich auch hier um eine junge Frau, verkörpert von der Berliner Schauspielerin Fritzi Haberlandt, die in Wald... weiter
10.09.2007 - 23.09.2007
Tatsumi Orimotos Bilder sind eng verknüpft mit seinen Performances, in denen er sich mit dem Alltagsleben, dem Altern und Fragen der Kommunikation auseinandersetzt. Er thematisiert in seiner künstlerischen Arbeit den gesellschaftlichen Umgang mit dem Altern und der damit verbundenen sozialen Aus- und Abgrenzung. Seine an Alzheimer und Depression leidende Mutter ist für Tatsumi Orimoto ein 24 St... weiter
KYUNGWOO CHUN/Silence is Movement
17.08.2007 - 22.09.2007
special exhibition with works by Takafumi Hara, Tatsumi Orimoto and YuJin Kang will be presented simultaneously.weiter
Michal Shamir - Handle with Care
03.02.2007 - 17.03.2007
in collaboration with Chelouche Gallery, Tel Avivweiter